Saturday, December 5, 2009

La La Lie

This is me, awake at 4:30. I'm on my night high...

I like bagpipes. The first time i saw it i was watching a band competition where i think t'was St John's with bagpipes. Random Geek Fact #1: I played the Trumpet in grade school! I played the horn, too. But i won't post the picture up cause trumpets just look better

Yes, that's The Glass Passenger

When i'm older, i want to get a gramophone. I'll collect vinyls. This'll set me back around a thousand MYR, but i'm afraid that in the future it will become even more expensive.

& there, i shall have a grand piano

& o'er the threshold, will be my Husky.

Note: Not my husky nor my hands.

& i shall have my Playstation VII.

Artist's impression. Clearly he is very bored.

I'll have a bed bigger than i'll ever need. Save for *cough* real special occasions.

& a personal library full of books!

Life will be good...

But most importantly...

Guess what? i'm done
Writing you songs
You give up your job at the bank
Proving money's not fun when you're gone
So this is the first verse

It's not very long
But i'm ready to move on

Guess what I'm done
Writing your book
The ending got twisted around
But for all of the hell that it took
The electrical wires
They'll hum in the walls
In the room that I rent now without you

I've got friends who
La La Lie
Will help me pull through
La La Lie
La La La Lie
The spaceman that can't get high
I'm coming back to my girl by July

So guess what i'm done
Drawing your pictures
I'm dulling the day with a drink
In a parking garage by the theatre
We met for a movie
Every scene was a sign
We made out through their meaning

Guess what i'm done
Writing you songs
I'm far too unstable to settle
I doubt that the doctors are wrong
So i'll wait by a palm tree

The song for a long goodbye
I'm coming back to my girl by July


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