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Champagne Supernova

I'm plagiarising this pic from my other blog that plagiarised this pic from that plagiarised this from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Credits to kengyee for inspiring me to blog about this, though i'd add that the inspiration to my thoughts about this trace back to long ago.

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Dilemma : How does the environment a person is brought up in affect who they are?

There are many issues to be addressed here & no way to experiment. The basic moral argument is the individuality of each human and of course, all of us want to be special, but are we? Another question is in the definition of the latter part of the dilemma : What do you mean by who we are? How do you define who we are?

The question of who we are is not one we can answer easily. Are we our bodies, are we our minds? Are we both? Are we how we act? Are we our accomplishments? Are we who we pretend to be? Are we what we think we are? Are we what everyone else thinks we are?
The question of environment is also more complex than one might think. It's more than the country we are brought up in, much more than the way our parents treat us. Think along the lines of experience. The environment we grow up in directly influences the experiences we go through, so in order to conduct a reasonably accurate (though virtually impossible) experiment, we need two people to go through the exact same experience.

Do you think that these two people will come out different? The constant variable would be their experience, which means everything from winning a football match in little league to the face they see when they look into the mirror to the sound of their voice. Yes, i mean the the only way of forming an accurate experiment is to produce two people with identical strengths, weaknesses and looks, before they even take their first breaths. Why is this so important? Because every feature a person has will influence the reactions of the people around them and in turn, the way they think about themselves. Say one baby is relatively normal and another was born with a slightly larger nose, people may whisper about the latter's nose when he is young and that in turn will dramatically change the experience each one goes through, likely instilling insecurity in the latter.

We are all formed by our experiences. They mould us into the way we are now. You might say that No, two people react to the same thing differently, one is arrogant and stubborn, another is weak and submissive. But if they were raised in the same environment (like i explained above) i'd be willing to bet that their personalities will be the same and they will therefore react the same way.

I guess you could say that in my opinion, we are all the same and it's only the external factors that make each of us different. By external factors, i'm including the amount of testosterone in our body that may make us more aggressive, the memories we have, our natural capabilities and everything that does not come solely from the mind. And i'd like to add that by mind i do not mean brain. I'm talking about the essence of a person-his soul if you will.

Imagine taking the essence of any human being and putting them into the same body, and making each one of them go through the same experiences. But oh wait, you might say that you can't make them go through the same experiences as they will be different and will not choose the same options. I beg to differ.

Theory #1
The question of this is synonymous with the question whether the universe was always meant to be this way. The Big Bang. Two particles chanced to collide resulting in the expansion of matter and anti-matter that expands this very moment, resulting in the presence of larger atomic numbers the further away from the point of the Big Bang. So if the particles collided the exact same way again, would our universe be the same way it is now? My answer is yes.

Yes, because given the exact same angle and force of collision as well as the dimensions of the particles and the vector space within which they collide, the resolution of forces will result in the exact same expansion. Little then is by chance. I don't believe creation is an accident. The word implies that an intention was not carried out as planned. I believe that creation simply happened, and life forms and the formation of a life-sustaining planet is amazingly miraculous, but equally imminent. An oxymoron maybe, but everything simply went according to plan

Of Imminence : Creation, Life, Death, The Earth, The Sun etc, a condom breaking, a person having a bad day on the 12th of August (imminent since creation)or the way we move as we sleep that nonetheless significantly affect everything, the creation of this post.

Everything is interconnected and the butterfly effect certainly holds true. Everything influences another and in that sense, everything is mathematical, though not necessarily involving numbers but also human emotions. Everything is logic and according to plan, through the literally infinite factors that change our earth (let alone the entire universe) such as the beat of the wing of a butterfly in tokyo that can ultimately lead to a hurricane in the pacific, and the comet that grazed the atmosphere of our earth, slightly altering the atmospheric pressure for even a millisecond , to the moustache of hitler, to the lack of the full-stop in this sentence Everything influences everything, and everything is the way it was meant to be! Everything in the universe now has always been its destiny since even before those 2 particles began their journey, following the "random" but imminent trajectories that would lead us to this very moment, to you right there in your chair reading this. Don't you see?? =)

Oh i've strayed though my point here is relevant to the keypoint of my explaining that experiences form our personalities. Thus i would conclude that humans are not unique, save for such trivialities as physical and mental talents that sadly, make all the difference in the product of our life.

Note: My apologies for the unrefined crudeness of this post as it's very rough and not very well elaborated. However, i trust that most of my points will not be lost. Maybe i'll edit this to my satisfaction some other time.

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My verdict: Our souls are not unique. The only things that are unique in humans are experiences and physical and mental factors. Given the same soul but same experiences and physical and mental factors, i believe that everyone would be the same.

For those of you who simply don't care, here's a nice song =)

How many special people change,
How many lives we lead astray
Where were you while we were getting high-
Saw you walking down the hall
Faster than a cannonball
Where were you while we were getting high?

Someday you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
Of a champagne supernova in the sky

Wake up the dawn and ask her why
The dreamer dreams, she never dies
Wipe that tear away now from your eye
Slowly walking down the hall
Faster than a cannonball
Where were you while we were getting high

Cause people believe
That their gonna make it through the summer
But you and i, we live and die
The world's still spinning 'round & you don't know why

7 x 7 will always be 49.
Random & meaningless to those who can't see it.

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