Friday, October 2, 2009

Life's a Circus

& so we are small

Somehow, when you know that the products of your thoughts will be the 3-minute musing of well... anyone at all, your thoughts tend to get a sort of reflexive, neural stage fright.

When that happens, you relax with a song. & this is how i go. :)

Cause we're stuck here in the midriff of our lives, not so much in the middle but we're always in the midst. Except of course if you're unfortunate enough to go through an apathetic coma. And looking back at everything that ever meant something to you, do you ever feel that this might as well be the eve of your life? There's a sense of beauty in watching the leaves abandon that healthy green hue as they fade into a beautiful yellow, orange or red. Is there not something indescribably graceful and sad in the process of decay?

My favourite season is Fall.

How many of us have ever laid down on a patch of grass to look up at a branchy sky? Time seems to trickle by and our problems are ever-present. But they cease to matter. Because looking up, we see that we are a part of something much bigger. And i don't mean the government's new educational plan to create brighter and better students or such nonsense. It is the grand scheme of things wherein we're miniscule creatures that each play a pivotal role.

But i now lack the heart to elaborate on my thoughts after ensuing a discussion with hong, grace and kengyee about the relevance of intention in defining a person. Another topic i've mused about before but will again, elaborate at a future date =)

I could tell you of a man not so tall
Who said life's a circus and so we are small
Tell you of a girl that i saw
I froze in the moment and she changed it all
You keep the air in my lungs
Floating along as a melody comes
My heart beats like timpani drums
Keeping the time as a symphony strums

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