Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Give me something to believe in

It's the middle of the night and i'm famished. It's the worst kind of hunger when you're torn between your bed and the kitchen. Fortunately for me, i'm not in bed and i've got Digestive biscuits in my room. I told myself i would sleep right at 1. Sleeping doesn't work so well for me. Warning: This is a pointless i just want to type post.

The Not-So-Subtle:
She's not the kind of girl you hear about
She'll never want another
She'll never be without
She'll give you all the signs
She'll tell you everything
Then turn around and walk away

Carry me to the shoreline
Bury me in the sand
Walk me across the water
& maybe you'll understand

Once the stone you're crawling under
Is lifted off your shoulders
Once the cloud that's raining
Over your head disappears
The noise that you hear
Is the crashing down of Hollow Years

I wonder how people put those videos.
I would've posted Hammers & Strings and Swim, too, but it looks pathetic as a little link.
For Swim, you can just head over to ky's blog.

That is why Grace & i want to catch them live. I say this without the slightest bit of dramatizing:
My life isn't complete till i've watched Jack's Mannequin perform live
Then again,it'll never be complete cause i won't be able to see them play Konstantine live either.

Yeah, i know these phrases (this song) have come up in the last posts. But i guess that just reflects were i'm at right now. Alternatively for those macho boys who are too insecure to allow themselves to relate to anything other than metal, read the last sentence as Bite Me (you know who you are).

The Rhythm of Vascular Beats:
She says, Andy i know we don't talk as much
But i still hear your ghost in these old punk rock clubs
Come on write me a song
Give me something to trust
Just promise you won't let it be just the keys that you touched

And my friend calls me up with a heart heavy still
She said, Andy the doctors prescribed me a pill
But i know i'm not crazy
I just lost my will
So why am i, why am i
Taking them still?

I need something to believe in
So write it down i don't think that i'll close my eyes
Cause lately i'm not dreaming
So what's the point in sleeping
It's just that at night i've got nowhere to hide
To the sleepless this is my reply
I will write you a lullaby

'I'm just waiting for the juice to kick in'


  1. I have been relegated to FOURTH on your link list!

  2. you should eat maggi if you're hungry in the middle of the night. ;) It's most satisfying.

  3. @Grace: Relinked

    @Lili: The Gods of the Alphabet frown upon you! You should add an A there. Alili. Makes you sound more cultured.

    @Ky: In the middle of the night i like lazy food. Cause well, the whole point is that i'm too lazy to make anything, kengyee :P (couldn't even if i wanted to).