Friday, October 23, 2009

I always catch the clock it's...

You still don't want to talk

Regarding the last post: Someone told me to chill, & i realize i've probably been horribly misunderstood. The part where i go on about the old hag i wanna see get hit by a truck is only a whimsical ( though i really probably wouldn't mind [ I take that back { Not out of want, though. I'm trying to change. }] ) manifestation of my bittterness at the hag for getting me suspended some time ago. Hope that clears things up a little.

Staring into the intersection she thinks that she can fly
& she might

My internet hasn't been working very well. I think it's because my 2 sisters have got laptops now and are enjoying wi-fi. My ping of 16-20 has jumped up to 60-1999. Averaging around 350. I have to constantly 'repair' my connection just to go to the next page. My download speeds dropped from 150kb/s to my internet spontaneously dying when i click 'Download'. What else can i do to reduce this? My theory is that since we're basically running off the same connection, they're leeching off it like that fat paleo-leech in Land of the Lost. Result is i don't know how many times i'll have to click publish post for this to come out. Damn those wireless-es.

The moon is shining now & shadows are what's left
Of all the noise;
Simple silhouettes and cut-outs
As if we had the choice

I'm feeling bored with life. Apathy, oh apathy go piss off. Speaking of being careful of implications you can look up and read about this dude who told his brother to piss off. And the brother pissed onto his lap. Haha, yeah, i'm a sado who reads cause i'm THAT lifeless. FML.

But seriously, sometimes you don't know what you want anymore. Maybe the fun in life is desire. So it's not always happy fun. Kind of like a marathon. Not so much fun as you're running it but when you're done you're a smiling git. Either that or a wheezing/unconscious git. But really, what does one do when he wants top internet speeds while sharing with 2 sisters? I can't even go out except for school and i haven't gone out in like a month. And i probably won't be going out for another 46 days. I wonder if this is how it feels like to be a kengyee :/ No offence.

What does it take to be superhero?
In my world, make no mistake
These villains always get the girl

& we'd escape then we'd skate away
From all of this
But no one ever does

-Something Corporate

I shall click 'Publish Post' now simply cause it's 11:11. But by the time i succeed who knows what time it'll be. Fingers crossed.

EDIT: Something's horribly wrong with my time thingy. Successfully posted at around 11:21. Given, i gave up refreshing for a while halfway through.


  1. I'll have you know, my life is very fulfilling. :P

    And no, that's not even close.

  2. I like what you did with your iPod and Konstantine and 11:11.
    I might just steal your idea :P

  3. I read FML too. the stories are hilarious. Did you read the toilet bowl one? laugh out loud.

  4. @ky: I've no doubt your life is fulfilling :P But nonetheless,i bet you can't wait to be free. It'll be so diff i can't imagine...

    @Ryno: The pic's copyrighted! To some girl on google. I went through the trouble of taking a screenshot! Haha, go ahead, it's not my idea. & someday when i get a camera i won't have to plagiarize anymore.

    @lise: Which one? The only one i rmb was when a girl had diarrhoea and heard an extra loud 'plop' in the middle of her 'evacuating'. Then she looked down to see her ipod touch in a her toilet bowl. In a sad way, that is hilarious LOL

  5. you are a cruel man*. And yes, I long for freedom.

    *regarding elise's toilet bowl fml story.

  6. HAHHAA nooo that's not the toilet bowl one i read. but that's pretty sad and funny too. Ironically. hahaha the one i read was pretty blonde. haha something like this:

    Today, I discovered my girlfriend's idea of "washing her feet". She put her feet into the toilet bowl and flushed. FML.

    HAHHAHAHAHAHHAH omg crack up. But ewwwwww. hahhahaa! blondeness.

  7. Ky, can you tell me you didn't laugh a little? Even in your head? :p

    @Lise: LOL that is sick!! Hope he didn't have feet fetish haha! You know that reminds me, (true story) i was in hotel in Austria and they had this little sink like thing next to the toilet. It was flat and slightly lower than a toilet bowl. I thought "Wow, these people have so much cash to build a special foot-wash sink!" I told my mum about it. Apparently it's for girls to wash their *cough* LOL! Thank buddha i didn't use it.